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I am also very reliable very humble. I have full trust in other persons I know and do not know, I do have great dignity and respect and have highly esteemed to others. I am also very dedicated to my mission and to all who come in contact with me either by email or by mobile. I never hate but ready to forgive everyone,even those who are against me for some reason or another.

I am always ready to discuss with others if needed, always ready to help and I do have great esteem to others youths who know me and do not know me. I am very socialable to others, bieng friendly towards them, respecting their dignity being their friends get to know them better and by not interfeirig when they sometime fight or  not being jealous being courious or spying on them  but being polite and eductated and speaking when need to speak to them.

I am a kindhearted, honest realible caring generous, and willing to help everyone as long it is genuine. I am also willing to socialize with others to make friends to discuss other ones problems and difficulties if they come to tell me about them. I am a honest very intelligent and very patient to all, I am ready to give a good example and sometimes by word of mouth becuase to give an example is more effectve, by my deeds and the way how I live I could also prove me my self a disciple of Christ.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: The Beatles
Favorite TV show: Friends
Favorite movie: The Scarlet and the Black
Favorite book: Robinson Cruseo
Favorite sports team: Liverpool
Favorite food: nutrious food

My Hobbies


Most Admired

Yes, I do have. Her name is Mother Theresa.

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

Favorite Links

Because one when reflecting on the film realizes what Jesus has done for him/her.

When one reads and reflects on her life one can immiditate her

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